Prayer & Care Ministry

Welcome to Care Ministry

Have you or someone you know recently had to adjust to any of the following situations: a new job, a new baby, a new boss, a new house, a separation, a grown child moving back home, a serious illness, or a serious illness of a family member, a death, or a best friend who has moved? You can be a part of this ministry by caring and being helpful to those struggling with adjustments to their lives. You can make a difference by encouraging them to talk with someone.

St. Mark Care Ministers are trained and available to listen and provide confidential help to those experiencing life challenges.

Contact Vicki Hertko if you or someone you know would like a Care Minister or more information about this ministry.

Prayer Ministry

St. Mark is passionate about the power of prayer, believing that God hears our prayers and responds. In addition to encouraging members and visitors to pray often, we have a dedicated prayer team that accepts the prayer requests of the St. Mark community and lifts them up into God’s care. If you would like to be involved in the prayer team, we welcome you gratefully and thank you for serving St. Mark and the community through prayer. Please email Karen Scribano to join in this important ministry.