Foundation of Faith

Karen Scribano   -  

St. Mark was home for Rob Muller.  “My family has always attended St. Mark for as long as I have been alive.”  It was a blessing filled with fun events, friendships, and memories.  “Throughout middle school and high school, the church was my primary source of community. Every time I walked through the doors, I knew I was walking into a place of belonging where I was fully known and fully loved.”

What Rob didn’t know was how much that grounding in faith would sustain him in his journey forward.  “More than anything, St. Mark has prepared me for a life-long journey of following Jesus. I always enjoyed St. Mark growing up but never knew how special of a place it was until I went to college. I quickly saw how important the rooting and grounding in the good news of Jesus that St. Mark instilled in me was. I was given a real faith for real life.” 

Surrounded by people who shared his faith, and those who grew up in different environments, he saw how God’s love had been continually shown to him through the ministry of St. Mark.  “This sense of community extended far beyond youth as well. Through inter-generational experiences, I had a whole community of believers from the youth of the congregation to all the way “up” who have supported and encouraged me in my faith journey.”

Rob now serves on a church staff and is completing his seminary degree.  He wants to share that same faith with young people.  “My greatest hope for St. Mark and the next generation is that we remember who God has called us to be: a community of passionate and faithful believers, rooted in the gospel of Jesus, raising up all generations of believers to grow in faith, share Jesus Christ, and serve others.”

Through the ministry and work of St. Mark, we see young people like Rob serving in God’s kingdom well beyond our walls.  Thanks be to God!