Easter Eggs and Open Arms

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Rebecca remembers the first time she felt like St. Mark was really her church home was after the first time she volunteered for the annual Easter Egg hunt. It was when she saw it all come together, be a joyful success and realize she had been a part of bringing that joy to others and that she was a part of this community (and maybe even bring meaning to stuffing 2,000 Easter eggs!).

When looking for their church home Rebecca and her family wanted a smaller but thriving community where they felt welcomed without judgment, a place they could connect, be involved and actually want to come back to each week. She found that at St. Mark and has continued to give of herself and call St. Mark home because of those connections and because they still feel welcomed every time.  She appreciates feeling like she’s been taught something out of love instead of guilt and that there’s always a takeaway that has practical and real application and meaning in her life with every message.

Generosity is a daily, natural expression of God’s love by providing for others’ needs for Rebecca. Growing up in a small town, she watched her parents convey this in their ways of giving to others. It wasn’t with loud fanfare or momentous moments, rather it was the realization that they had enough and so were able to give freely when others needed something. They had enough to share a meal, to send baked goods to a neighbor, to host Christmas for their big families and to share their time-they were just always willing to give.

It is with this cheerful giver’s heart that Rebecca and her family shares of their time, talents and treasures as well. She believes in our mission at St. Mark and believes in supporting it. Whether it be to encourage the next generation of Christians, support buildings and infrastructure, provide for the needs of adults at any age, or even stuff 2,000 Easter eggs, being willing to give what you can is just something you do.