Youth Musical – Oklahoma! Auditions

The 2017 St. Mark Youth Musical


Performances March 25 & 26, 2017

Our mission

As part of the St. Mark Fine Arts series, our mission is to expose youth to the arts through participation in a quality musical production, encourage them to nurture and grow their talents in a Christian environment, and help them discover the joy of sharing their experience with a broader community.

A Word about this Production

This show is a classic! Oklahoma was the first collaboration between the very successful writing team of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein  and is considered to be the first “integrated” American musical – where the script, music, lyrics and dances are all used to advance the story and develop the characters.  This show is licensed under R & H Theatricals, which calls their version of junior shows, “Getting to Know.” A junior version has taken a full-length show and cut it down so it can be performed within 60-90 minutes, instead of the usual 2-3 hours.

A Few Basics Before You Sign Up

  • Students in grades 7 through 12 are eligible to audition. All students who audition will be included in the cast.
  • A $25 costume fee will be requested from each cast member to help cover the cost of a show t-shirt and to defray some of the costume expense.
  • All students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances unless they are excused by the director.
  • Being part of the cast will also involve helping backstage with props and sets. Come prepared to follow directions and work together.
  • Families will be asked to provide a snack for one of our rehearsals, and to participate in a pot-luck dinner on the opening night of the show, Saturday, March 25.
  • A celebration party will be held off-site after the final performance on Sunday, March 26, at a cost of approximately $10/person. Families of cast and crew are welcome to attend.

Sign Up!

Auditions will be held in the Choir Loft of the Worship Center (WC) or in the music classroom (southeast corner, upper level) of Discipleship Center (DC), depending on the time you audition. Other activities will be going on in the space around us during some of the time Sunday morning and Wednesday evening; be respectful of others as you come and go.  Click on the picture below to sign up during the following times:

Sunday, Oct. 9:  9:30am-12:10pm (WC), and 4:00pm-5:30pm (DC)
Wed. Oct. 12:  4:00pm-6:00pm (WC), and 7:30-8:30pm (DC)
Sunday, Oct. 16:  9:30am-12:10pm (WC), and 4:00pm-5:30pm (DC)


Preparing for the Audition

Each audition will be 20 minutes spent with the directors of the show: the production director, and the two assistant directors of music and vocals.  You will be led through some vocal warm-ups, sing a song from the show (more info below), do a “cold” (unpracticed) reading from the script, and perform an improvisational acting activity.  Here are some ways you can prepare for your audition:

  1. Prepare for the song: We will ask you to sing “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” which is the opening song from the show. During the audition, we will sing with you to get you started, and then you will continue singing the chorus on your own a cappella – without music. We will have a copy of the music with lyrics for you to use at the audition; however, we encourage you to memorize the chorus, since the ensemble will sing this during the show. Watch the YouTube clips below to learn the song, although we will adapt the key during auditions so you can sing in a comfortable range.

Lyrics –

Movie Production (Gordon MacRae) –

London Production (Hugh Jackman) –

If you would like help learning the song, we will be practicing it at 10:00am on October 2, 2016 – meet Jane Rider in the gathering space at church.

  1. Practice singing to others, and recruit someone with musical skills if you would like help. A music teacher, a parent with musical experience, even a sibling or family friend who knows music might be able to give you some pointers. Practice singing in front of people, or even your pets! The more you sing in front of other people, the less nervous you will feel in front of the directors.
  2. Practice reading out loud. Even though you will not have access to the script prior to your audition, you can improve your “out loud” reading skills by taking time each day to read a few paragraphs from one of your textbooks, a magazine, or the newspaper. Practice reading with a clear, confident voice, and use good diction, making sure each word is understood. Don’t read too fast! Make your voice expressive, so that whatever you are reading sounds interesting! Look up occasionally, as if you are connecting with an audience. Read to yourself in front of a mirror if no one is around, or record your reading voice so you can hear yourself and improve.
  3. The acting activity will require improvisational responses and reactions to a situation presented to you in the audition by the directors. Much of acting is actually reacting, and we want to see how you respond with ad lib commentary, facial and vocal expression, and body language, to the situation we give you. Your best preparation is to practice “posing” and talking to yourself in the mirror – really! This is meant to be a fun activity, so don’t get stressed or worried about it.

At the Audition

  • Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes, but remember that you want to make a positive impression.
  • Arrive a few minutes early to fill out a profile sheet. Print legibly! Bring your profile sheet into the audition room with you.
  • Turn off your cell phone and devices while you’re here.
  • Take a deep breath and “shake out” your shoulders before you go in.
  • Be friendly and act confident. Come in, make eye contact, and say “hi.” Hand us your profile sheet. We will introduce ourselves, and ask you to tell us your name, grade and school. Stand confidently – don’t fidget or pace. When you do your song, do it like it’s opening night, with all the energy and feeling you would use in performance.
  • If you make a mistake during the audition (for example, if you stumble on the lyrics of the song or mispronounce something while reading), don’t stop and ask to start over. Just keep going and don’t worry about it. The directors don’t care if you forget something, but they do want to know if you have poise when something goes wrong. Just jump back in and give it your best!
  • When you’re doing the reading or the acting activity, we want to see your energy! Don’t be afraid of over-acting – nervousness will cause most of you to underact!
  • If there’s anything you don’t understand before you begin, please ask. If you have concerns or comments about rehearsals, any conflicts with the schedule, or another aspect of the show, please tell us either at the very beginning or at the end of your audition.
  • Don’t forget to thank the directors on the way out.

After the Audition

You will be assigned a part based on several factors, including seniority, talent, experience, and availability. The cast will be announced within one week after the last auditions via email.  Our first rehearsal will be Sunday, November 6th.

When the cast is announced, don’t be depressed or angry if you didn’t get the part you wanted. Being cast is only partly about how good you are — it’s also about whether or not you are appropriate for the roles we need to fill. Plus, it takes ALL parts to tell the story! Whether you have only one line, or are in every scene, everyone will contribute something important as we work together to create our show.


  • All students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances unless they are excused by the director.
  • Rehearsals are closed to family and friends who are not part of the production cast or crew.
  • Cell phones and other devices should be silenced and put away during rehearsals.
  • As a general rule, attention should be focused on the action in front of you. If you must do homework, you may work on it quietly during times you are not needed for scene or song work.
  • Respect the church property. Respect each other. Respect the adults who are volunteering their time to make this happen.

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE: All regular rehearsals will run from 12:30pm until 3:45pm on Sunday afternoons in the church sanctuary unless otherwise noted.  Performance weekend also involves Friday evening and most of the day Saturday, plus Sunday evening. Main characters may be asked to meet outside of rehearsal time with a director for additional practice on songs or lines.


Nov. 6 – READ THROUGH rehearsal in Fellowship Hall. We will read through the entire script and listen to all the songs. You will take your script and a music CD home with you.
Nov. 13 –SING THROUGH rehearsal in Fellowship Hall. We will begin work on group songs and harmonies. During the November rehearsals, we will also be watching the movie version of Oklahoma!
Nov. 20 – Music and choreography rehearsal in Fellowship Hall.


Dec. 4 – Scene blocking, work on songs, learn choreography
Dec. 11 – Rehearse in DC; Scene blocking, work on songs, learn choreography;


Jan. 8 – Scene blocking, work on songs, learn choreography
Jan. 15 – Regular rehearsal
Jan. 22 – Regular rehearsal
Jan. 29 – Regular rehearsal


Feb. 5 – Regular rehearsal – No books if possible
Feb. 12 No books! All lines memorized
Feb. 19 – Regular rehearsal – All SETS and PROPS in place
Feb. 26 – Begin rehearsing with MICS and LIGHTS


March 5 – Regular rehearsal
March 12 – First weekend of Spring Break, Regular rehearsal
March 19 – Regular rehearsal
Friday, March 24 – Full Dress Rehearsal
Arrive at 5:30 for tech set up, makeup/costumes.
Pictures at 6pm before rehearsal, finish by 9:30pm.
Saturday, March 25 — Arrive at 1pm for costumes & mic check.
2:00pm – Rehearsal begins
4:00-6:00pm – Group time and Family Potluck dinner
6:00-6:45pm – Costumes & makeup
7:00pm – Show Time!
Sunday, March 26 – Arrive for costumes & makeup 2:00pm
3:00pm – mic check
4:00pm – Show Time!  Celebration dinner afterward off-site.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the production director:

Karen Scribano
Home ph. (515) 981-5346
Cell ph. (515) 306-9814

GETTING TO KNOW…OKLAHOMA! is presented through special arrangement with R&H Theatricals, a division of Rodgers & Hammerstein: An Imagem Company. All authorized performance materials are also supplied by R&H Thatricals,