Support St. Mark

Support St. Mark Ministries with Financial Gifts

St. Mark Lutheran Church relies solely on monetary gifts from our worshipping community to fund all of its expenditures. Generous financial support from our member-disciples and visitors supports our ministry teams, outreach programs, operating expenses and facility maintenance.

Giving Options

St. Mark is a growing church with many ministries and programs operating year around. Want your dollars to go to a ministry that you are particularly passionate about? Here are the five core funds which support our on-going needs:

  1. Ministry/Operation Fund – Often referred to as The General Fund, this fund makes up the majority of our dollars which can be used for any and all purposes including:
    1. Ministry salaries and Ministry supplies
    2. Outreach and Benevolence
    3. Support salaries and office supplies
    4. Facility maintenance including lawn care and snow removal
    5. Other operating expenses including utilities, insurance, repairs and maintenance, etc.
    6. Debt service
  2. Capital Improvements – These building funds are designed to fund on-going and future facility maintenance projects like roof replacement.
  3. Missions Fund – St. Mark is a tithing church, striving to give 10% of our Ministry/Operation budget back to the local and global community in benevolence dollars and/or gifts-in-kind. Dollars to the Missions Fund help underwrite:
    1. Our $25,000 ELCA Mission Support pledge
    2. Local service projects like the Food Pantry, Connection Café, Central Iowa Shelter & Services, Church Opportunity Group (COG), and WDM Human Services to name just a few.
  4. Pastor’s Fund – These dollars are at our Pastor’s disposal to use when there is an immediate need for financial assistance.
  5. St. Mark Foundation Funds – Gifts can either be given to the Endowment Fund or to the Discipleship in Action Fund. Click here to read more.

Many St. Mark ministries thrive as a result of generous gifts directed specifically to their needs by people who are passionate about their work and purpose. Contributions to these ministry teams may be designated by making a notation on your offering envelope or on the memo line of your check.

How to Give

There are many different ways someone can give financially to St. Mark:

  • Place a check or cash in the offering plate during worship.
    • Use your pre-numbered envelopes to help ensure that your gift gets recorded properly on your Contribution Statement for tax purposes.
    • Forgot your envelope at home? Use the generic blue offering envelopes available in the sanctuary pews.
    • Use on-line bill pay? Please include your envelope number. If your check is split between multiple funds, please explain in the memo line.
    • Won’t make it to church this weekend? Mail your contribution to the church office.
  • Set up automatic payments using Simply Giving, administered by Vanco LLC. Currently, we have 100 households contributing regularly through this program. This consistent monthly income helps ensure that the church has consistent levels of cash flow to pay fixed monthly expenses.
    • What to use
      • Credit Card
      • Debit Card
      • Checking Account
      • Savings Account
    • When to give
      • Set up recurrent giving (weekly, monthly, etc)
      • Make a 1-time contribution
    • How to set it up
      • Complete a Simply Giving Form and return to Chris in the church office so she can set it up for you (insert pdf of form here)
      • Set yourself up by using Online Giving
      • Need to change or cancel automatic payments? Information can be updated at any time and changes can take effect immediately as long as the recurrent transaction hasn’t begun to process.
    • Fees
      • The contributor does not pay a fee for this service.
      • The church’s Ministry/Operations fund covers all fees associated with these automated payments.
  • Stock or Mutual Fund transfer through our account at Wells Fargo.
    • The church liquidates all transfers within 1-2 weeks of receipt.
    • Contact Chris Wirth for account information if you are considering this type of gift.
  • Employer-sponsored charitable campaigns.
    • We have found that some employers will recognize St. Mark as an acceptable designee for United Way campaigns and other company-specific charitable programs.

Gifts Above-And-Beyond

There are additional ways to help financially support St. Mark ministries without having to open your own checkbook. Here are some examples:

  • Thrivent Choice Dollars
    • If you are a Thrivent member and accumulate Thrivent Choice Dollars, don’t forget to direct your dollars to a charitable organization no later than March 31 of the following year.
    • If you direct your dollars to St. Mark and would like them to support a specific ministry, contact Chris in the church office to let her know how many dollars you directed and where you would like them to go. The Garden Team, Fine Arts Team, Pastor’s Fund, Kids2Camp Fund, God’s Open Door Fund, Youth Ministries, and numerous monthly service projects have all received extra financial support through the designation of these dollars.
    • If you direct your dollars to St. Mark without a specific designation request, your dollars are set aside in a Contingency Savings Fund to be used only in the event of an unforeseeable emergency.
  • Are you affiliated with a company who provides grants to non-profit organizations?
    • In 2014, the AED machine in our Discipleship Center was obtained through a grant request to the Iowa Heart Foundation.
    • If you think that a St. Mark ministry could benefit from a specific grant program, please contact Chris in the church office.
  • Want to remember St. Mark Lutheran Church in your estate planning?
    • Consult your financial and/or legal advisor for direction on estate planning assistance.
    • St. Mark often receives memorial gifts when a member/disciple passes away. Our Pastors will work with the family to identify an appropriate and meaningful use of those funds.