Camp Bible TentOutdoor ministry for children and youth can be transformational, which is why St. Mark partners with Riverside Bible Camp in Story City, Iowa. Bible camp helps kids grow in their self esteem, self acceptance and can be a springboard in a young person’s faith journey.  St. Mark is blessed to be a growing congregation, and we were able to help send 35 youth to Riverside for a week of camp this past summer.  It’s not too early to think about sending your children to Riverside next summer, and what that means for parent involvement and commitment to the Kids2Camp program throughout the school year.

St. Mark is committed to financially assisting families who desire to send their kids to camp by using available means through our Kids2Camp Fund.  This fund is fueled by Scrip card purchases, the Kids2Camp Rummage sale, and direct donations.  The more parent involvement we have in the Kids2Camp program, the more funds we are able to raise and distribute to families.  That being said, your involvement is key!

We ask that if you are planning or considering sending a child to Riverside next summer, you complete a commitment card by November 1st .  Cards may be picked up at the Scrip table or main office and can be returned to the Scrip table volunteer, the main office or dropped in the offering plate.  Volunteer hours and Scrip purchases will be tracked November 1 through June 15 to determine involvement and fund distribution.  The commitment per family this year is 20 volunteer hours with Scrip sales, the Rummage Sale, or Children’s Programming.  Additionally families will need to purchase an average of $100/mo in Scrip Cards for a total of $800 November 1-June 15.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.

SCRIP Logo Bible

SCRIP is simply the purchase of gift cards through St. Mark for a variety of participating retailers. You, the buyer, receives the full face value of the gift card to use yourself or give as a gift, and the retailer rebates a percentage for St. Mark to use for our designated purpose – sending kids to camp!

Buying SCRIP is
simple – order one weekend; pick up cards the next weekend
sensible – donations come from retailers to St. Mark Kids2Camp
savvy – ScripNow prints at home; reloadable cards reuse the plastic
secure – register for electronic transfers with PrestoPay; no checks needed
sharing – use your household purchases to help send Kids2Camp

Volunteers are available before or after most services on the weekends to take your order and payments, OR place your SCRIP order form with personal check or PrestoPay confirmation in the offering plate. You can also create an account and order online at Next weekend, pick up your ordered cards at the SCRIP volunteer table. All SCRIP net profits go to the Kids2Camp Fund. The fund helps kids to attend the Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp (

New mobile app: Load ScripNow! purchases onto phone–no cards involved

How to Sign Up and Use Scrip

Two ways to order:

  • 1) Fill out a form at church; forms are available at the Scrip information table between services. Pay with cash or check (indicate “Kids2Camp” or “SCRIP” in the memo line) attached to your form.
  • 2) Register and browse the retailers online at, and indicate the cards you wish to order. Print the computer generated order list and submit it with your check by placing it in the offering plate during church services. To open a free family account online, in the “Family Sign Up” link, click “Create Account.” Follow the instructions and ignore the references to student or teacher name. Continue and select two challenge questions. You must “join a nonprofit” by entering St.Mark’s enrollment code: A36LFBC428275.You may also download our tutorial (in .pdf format).

If you have additional questions about the scrip program, reloading cards, or using PrestoPay (online payment for cards with a 15 cent convenience charge) contact Scrip Coordinator Kids2Camp Administrator Christina Hillmer at or Scrip Coordinator Lisa Sargent at .