Contemporary Worship

Contemporary Worship
— Saturdays at 5:00pm
— Sundays at 10:00am

In Lutheran liturgies we emphasize the proclamation of the Word and the sharing of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The liturgy seeks to give a clear vision of the significance of Jesus Christ for our lives. Aside from seasonal or occasional variation, worship services at St. Mark honor the historic pattern of Lutheran worship, (i.e., Gathering, Word, Meal, and Sending). This pattern, which Christians have used for centuries, provides room for much variety.

17431847365_7963572339_oThe contemporary service retains the form of the liturgy while employing contemporary music, imagery, and language. The service still utilizes the historic pattern of Lutheran worship (Gathering, Word, Meal, and Sending). The contemporary services are led by the Untamed Disciples, our praise team, consisting of vocalists, keyboards, guitars and drums.  Both services are relaxed, leaders do not wear vestments and worshipers are encouraged to dress casually.

Holy Communion is celebrated at the contemporary worship service every week. Everyone who is baptized is welcome to come forward and receive communion, you do not have to be Lutheran. At the contemporary worship service Holy Communion is done by Intinction (dipping the wafer into the wine). Children who are too young to partake of Holy Communion are still welcome to come forward for a blessing.

The Nursery is open for infants and toddlers during the contemporary worship service.