Wednesday Evening Teaching Service

6:00pm in the Worship Center

Genesis: Journey of Faith

Wed study

This fall, the Wednesday evening teaching service will worship with “Joyous Light Evening Prayer” by composer Ray Makeever.  This service follows a format similar to the Holden prayer service that we use during Lent.  Come and enjoy the beautiful melodies, along with our look at stories from Genesis at 6:00pm in the sanctuary.

The meal in Fellowship Hall begins at 5:15pm, and is open to all.

9/20   Sin and Righteousness: Romans 6 & 7

9/27   Romans 8

10/4   The Fall:  Genesis 3

10/11   The Tragedies of Sin:  Genesis 4

10/18   Abram – Humbled Then Exalted:  Genesis 13

10/25  Trunk or Treat Activities at 6:00 – 7:30pm

11/8   God’s Covenant with Abram:  Genesis 15