20/20 Vision Update

Moving Forward with 20/20 Vision2020visionREV2

No doubt you know St. Mark’s overall vision statement is “Growing disciples across generations with real faith for real life.” And you may have noticed – many member/disciples here are fully engaged in living out this vision. But within the overall vision, we need to do some shorter term “strategic visioning.”

We begin with our current 5 year vision called 20/20 Vision. The title suggests both a clear focus on the future, and it builds up to the year 2020.  But first, let’s set the stage.

In 2009, the church council and the congregation identified a number of priorities.  We needed to support the rapid growth in both membership numbers and newly formed ministries.

What we needed in order to meet our priorities was more space, and better utilization of the space we had. We acquired the Discipleship Center in 2010 and renovated it to accommodate our church offices and youth ministries, and later in 2013, children’s ministries.  This was Step 1.

In 2014-2015 we reconstructed the west wing of the Worship Center with new classrooms, new restrooms, new kitchen, new HVAC, and many other improvements, and we caught up on a lot of deferred maintenance!  This was Step 2.

By the spring of 2015, we had accomplished virtually all the priorities identified back in 2009.  Thank you!  Only one remained: the remodeling of our current fellowship hall, where we will literally “raise the roof,” expand out toward Grand Avenue, and create a new contemporary worship space and fellowship hall, with seating for up to 350 for worship and 200 for banquet style events.

This success has put a strain on our annual operating budget. Heavy emphasis on raising capital, and the tremendous growth in our various ministries have put us in a deficit position of approximately $180,000 annually.  We are paying our bills. But some of the funds raised for the building project are bridging the gap and paying our mortgage interest. It is time for a new 5 year vision: 20/20 Vision.

A vision team was assembled. A plan was developed and presented to church council.  The church council approved the plan and presented it to the congregation through a series of pasta meals this past summer.

The major emphasis of 20/20 Vision is to complete the expansion and up-grading of our current fellowship hall. This will allow two contemporary services on Sunday and moving the 11:10 traditional service to an earlier hour, like 10:30, if we choose. Plus the enclosed atrium, with a new north entrance for gathering time between services.

So, what’s the plan?

2015 & 2016:
Fund Our Ministry

  • 2 year plan to close the deficit
  • Grow and balance our Operations Spending Plan and integrate all mortgage costs into it.

We are half way there. Projections are that we can expect almost a 12% increase in giving. The theme for this 2 year phase is “Fund our Ministry.”

2017: Call another full time Pastor

  • To continue to grow our ministry.

2018: Implement a Capital Drive

  • New Contemporary Worship/Fellowship Space
  • Atrium for central gathering between services
  • Additional Parking

These are the assets we need to carry out our ministries and mission.

2019: Celebrate 100 years of Ministry

2020: Complete these projects and expand our staff as needed; then launch another vision for the next 5 years.